About the Competition

The 1st Hong Kong International Composition Competition for Chromatic Harmonica 2021 is a multi-faceted musical event presented by the Hong Kong Harmonica Association. Alongside converging composing talents for this repertoire, the Association envisions to enrich local and global harmonica culture with this world-class competition. Epitomising the Association’s unwavering rationale, not only will the Competition connect local music ecologies with the international, it will also line up professional musicians with the members of the public in the exploration of possibilities in this miniature instrument.

Whilst shortlisted works in the Competition will receive widespread coverage, local musicians and overseas virtuosos are synergised to offer collaborative insights in the performance of the works. Whilst the Competition inspires the musicianship of professional artists, the members of the public will obtain a crucial understanding on the instrument. Fuelled with the multicultural exchanges between these parties, the Competition is going to ignite enormous possibilities through compositions.