Rules & Regulations

Section 1: Mission

1.1 The 1st Hong Kong International Composition Competition for Chromatic Harmonica 2021 (thereafter referred to as “the Competition”) is dedicated to the creation of quality chromatic harmonica music. It creates a platform that presents aspiring composers from throughout the world to the opportunity of enrichment of the repertoire for the chromatic harmonica, a relatively young musical instrument that is gaining popularity.

1.2 It aspires to recognise and reward individuals with outstanding musicianship.

1.3 The Organiser aims to sustain the pedagogical and artistic value of this Competition by the production of a CD album and an Online Education Resource (A Comprehensive Guide and Appreciation on the Chromatic Harmonica) that are accessible by the music community and the public for the long term.

Section 2: General Rules

2.1 The entries submitted must be ORIGINAL compositions. Arrangement of existing pieces written by other composers is not accepted.

2.2 There are two categories:

2.3 The entries shall be written for a 12-hole chromatic harmonica in C.

2.4 The specifications and characteristics of a 12-hole chromatic harmonica are accessible from the Online Education Resource: A Comprehensive Guide and Appreciation on the Chromatic Harmonica.

2.5 The entries shall not require modification of the harmonica or any instrument.

2.6 Category B entries should be composed for a solo harmonica and a chamber orchestra not exceeding the number of instruments and musicians stipulated in 2.7. Any specific request on the instrumentation beyond the list must have prior consent of the Organiser.

2.7 Instrumentation: 1st violin (8), 2nd violin (6), viola (6), cello (4), double bass (2), 1st flute (1), 2nd flute/piccolo (1), 1st oboe (1), 2nd oboe/cor anglais (1), 1st clarinet (1), 2nd clarinet/bass clarinet (1), bassoon (2), horn (2), trumpet (2), trombone (3), percussion (3 including timpani), harp (1).

2.8 There is no limitation on the style of the piece. Contestants are encouraged to write in the style of common practice period or contemporary music.

2.9 The Competition is open to all composers without limitations on age and nationality. There is no limitation on the number of entries/categories per contestant.

2.10 One purpose of the Competition is to create set pieces for the international harmonica competitions. Hence the entries are expected to demonstrate both artistic value of the composition AND showcase the musical and technical virtuosity of the performer.

Section 3: Format of Submission

3.1 Submission is free of charge.

3.2 The Contestants are required to submit the full score in a printable format (e.g. pdf). The submission in a music notation software format (e.g. Finale or Sibelius) is optional.

3.3 For Category B entries, the Contestants are encouraged to submit a piano reduction score in addition to the orchestra full score to facilitate Harmonica Player’s arrangement for rehearsals when being selected.

3.4 Names of the Contestants must not appear on the printable or music notation software version of the Entries to ensure impartiality in the process of adjudication. Names of the Contestants will be identified on the online application form during submission.

3.5 The Contestants are encouraged to submit an audio version (recorded or synthesised) of each entry.

3.6 All submissions shall be made to the website of the Competition by 23:59, 15 September 2021 (Wednesday) at Hong Kong Time (UTC+8). Late entries will not be accepted.

Section 4: Prizes and Awards

4.1 Three entries will be selected for each category under three classes (Winner, First Runner-up and Second Runner-up) according to the opinion and decision of the Jury Panel.

4.2 Each winner will receive the following cash prize and a trophy award:

Category A - Solo Harmonica with Piano

Winner: HKD 30,000

First Runner-up: HKD 20,000

Second Runner-up: HKD 10,000

Merit Award (10 in total): HKD1,200

Category B - Solo Harmonica with Orchestra

Winner: HKD 60,000

First Runner-up: HKD 50,000

Second Runner-up: HKD 40,000

Merit Award (6 in total): HKD3,000

4.3 The winner of each category will be invited to attend the prize presentation ceremony in Hong Kong.

4.4 Selected entries from the submitted works will be used for the production of a CD album as a part of the Competition.

Section 5: Announcement of Results

5.1 The results will be announced to the winning entries via e-mail and on the website of the Competition by the end of October 2021.

Section 6: Intellectual Properties

6.1 All works, regardless of whether selected by the Organiser, shall not be published, performed in public, or submitted to other composition competitions before the announcement of results.

6.2 For all entries selected in the Competition, the Organiser reserves the exclusive right to broadcast, publish, reproduce and release the works (in both recording and score versions) within two years after the close of the Competition, without the need to pay the contestants any fees.

6.3 Upon submission of any entry, regardless of whether selected by the Organiser, each contestant grants the Organiser the absolute right to make video or sound recordings of the entries. All such audio-visual products shall be used for non-commercial, promotional purposes.

6.4 For all entries selected in the Competition, the Organiser reserves the exclusive right to perform the works within three years after the close of the Competition, without the need to pay the contestants any fees.

6.5 Each contestant is deemed to have full knowledge of these Rules and Regulations, including this Section, as soon as these Rules and Regulations are made public on the official website of the Competition. The said granting and reservation of the rights stipulated in this Section takes effect upon submission of entries.

This Rules and Regulations has been translated into Chinese. If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English version and the Chinese version, the English version shall prevail.